Sevika Sangham

The spiritual power generated by the Reformation was also shared by the women of the Mar Thoma church. The women's wing, the Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sanghom, was established during the Maramon Convention in 1919, under the leadership of Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragan Metropolitan, who provided the Sanghom with ongoing support and inspiration.

Every woman over the age of 18 in the Mar Thoma Church is a member of the Sevika sanghom. The President of the branch Sevika Sanghom is the Vicar of the parish, who guides and supports the activities. A few branches combine to form a center, and several centers combine to make a diocese. In terms of organization, the Sevika Sanghom follows the Mar Thoma Church's lead. Representatives from each Sevika Sanghom branch are chosen for three years and create a representative forum for the Central Sevika Sanghom. From among the representatives, a Managing Committee of three office bearers and 27 Committee members representing the several Dioceses is elected. The President of the Sevika Sanghom is an Episcopa (Bishop) nominated by the synod of the Mar Thoma Church, and he presides over the Managing Committee and the General Body, which makes decisions concerning the general functioning of the Sanghom and coordinates the numerous activities at all levels. The Mar Thoma church's women's wing is a well-organized body with a staff of dedicated and hardworking individuals.

    • OFFICE BEARERS -2024

      President: Rev. Joby John

      Vice President: Mrs. Sanju C. George

      Secretary: Mrs. Annie Varghese

      Joint Secretary: Mrs. Saji Mini

      Treasurer: Mrs. Lini Mathai

      Committee members- Mrs. Sony V. George, Mrs. Rony Binoy, Mrs. Gigi Philip & Mrs. Gracie Mathew

      Region Representatives: Mrs. Alice Lukose & Mrs. Rebecca Joseph

      Auditors- Mrs. Rincy Sunny & Mrs. Shirley Thomas

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