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Special News Updates:

-          2012 VBS Sponsorship and Volunteers

  1. oLike every year, Sunday School is looking for sponsors for food and snacks and volunteers to help.

  • Please contact VBS director Jincy or Sunday School Superintendent Rebecca with offers of sponsorship and/or volunteering.

-          Church Programs

  1. oJust a quick reminder on any programs or events, individual or organizations - we have to first get achen's approval that it can be done.

  • Only after that can we move to the next step of dates, venue etc.

  1. oI assume always that Achen has approved something and just want to make sure that we have those in place

-          Sermon Editing for posting online

  1. oJiffy Philip has volunteered to do the editing for the sermons which will be posted online – thank you Jiffy!

  • Thank you Jiffy for volunteering immediately after we made the request.

-          Oklahoma Native American Youth Mission

  1. oStacy Varghese is traveling to Oklahoma tomorrow – thank you Stacy!

  • Saji Thomas Achen plans to go June 7th

-          Facebook Invites

  1. oYou will all receive invitations from Facebook to join the Sehion Facebook page.

  • It will be initiated by Tinto and not spam.

-          June 2012 Newsletter

  1. oPlease pick up your copy from outside the sanctuary.

  • Copy has been sent through email and posted on the website also.

Updates for this week:

-          Sunday, June 3rd Yuvajana Sakhyam Meeting at the residence of Dr. /Mrs. Sam Joy @2:00 pm.

-          Wednesday, June 6th Edavaka Mission meeting at the residence of Ms. Dolly Mathew @7:30 PM.

-          Friday, June 8th Fasting Prayer at the church @10:00 AM.

-          Friday, June 8th Youth League DAY Meeting at Sehion MTC @6:30 PM.

-          Saturday, June 9th English Choir Practice at the church @10.30 AM.

-          Saturday, June 9th Garland Area prayer meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Sony Simon @7:00 PM.

-          Sunday, June 10th Holy Communion Service in English led by Rev. Dr. K. V. Simon achen @10:00 AM (Garland area to read the lessons)

  1. oNo Sunday School *Choir Practice @ 9:00 am *Intercessory Prayer @ 9:30am  

-          Sunday, June 10th Sevika Sangham meeting at church @right after service.

-          Sunday, June 10th Allen Area prayer meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Mathew Jones @7:00 PM.

-          Thursday, June 14th Deadline for sending Father’s Day pictures.

  1. o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  2. o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-          Friday, June 15th Young Families Fellowship at the church @7:30 PM.

-          Saturday, June 16th Sunday School Ping Pong tournament at church @9.30 AM.

  1. oRegistration starts on June 3rd at the church

  2. oRegistration fee: $5 per participant

  • Please contact Sunday School Superintendent, Rebecca Joseph with any questions.

-          Sunday, June 24th Sevika Sangham Bake Sale at the church @right after service.

-          XXX National Family Conference @July 5th to July 8th 2012.

  1. oNational Conference Centre in Leesburg, Virginia (near Washington DC)

-          Sunday School VBS @July 12th to July 14th.

  1. oTime: 9 AM to 3 PM.

  2. oTheme: Adventures on Promise Island.

-          Sehion MTC Convention at the church @July 13th, 14th (7pm) & July 15th (10am).

  1. oSpeaker: Rev. K. E. Geevarghese, Diocesan Secretary

-          XXXIII National Sevika Sangham Conference at Los Angeles @October 4th to 7th.

  1. oDetails on Notice Board including sponsorship.

  2. oPlease contact Mrs. Ponnamma Chacko, Sevika Sangham secretary.

-          2012 Graduates Recognition

  1. oPlease let Mrs. Ponnamma Chacko, Sevika Sangham secretary know of 2012 High School or College Graduates.
-          First Communicants

  1. oPlease let the vicar or secretary know of anyone interested in going through First Communion this year.


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