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- Announcements posted on website under Announcements also.

Special News Updates:

- Thank you to everyone for electing me and my fellow teammates for 2018.

- Thank you to the 2017 committee members and my predecessors for volunteering for this important work.

-  Personally I learnt a lot watching them in action and their commitments and we hope to fill the void they have left.

- Safe travels to Jerry's in laws (Sona's parents) as they head back to India.

- Thanks to all for attending the church meeting (Palli Yogam) and for the members who volunteered to different roles for organizing the Southwest Regional Conference scheduled to be held in our church in March 2018.

Updates for this week:

- Wednesday, Jan 10th Edavaka Mission meeting at church @7:30 PM.
- Sponsored by P. C. Mathew and family.
- Friday, Jan 12th Fasting Prayer at the church @10:00 AM.

- Saturday, Jan 13th English Choir Practice at the church @time TBD.
- Saturday, Jan 13th Garland Area Prayer Meeting @7:00 PM.
- Residence of Mr./Mrs, Sony Simon.
- Every Sunday, Malayalam Choir Practice at church @9:00 AM.
- 1st Saturday each month, Malayalam choir practice at church @10:00 AM to 11.30 AM.
- Sunday, Jan 14th Holy Communion Service in English led by Rev. Alex Chacko @10:15 AM (Sunnyvale area to read the lessons).
- Sunday School @9:00 AM * Choir Practice @9:00 AM *Intercessory Prayer @9:30 AM.
- Friday, Jan 19th YFF Meeting at church @7:00 PM.
- Sehion MTC Fellowship Hall.

Other important events/reminders/updates:

- If anything needs to be added to the prayer requests, please let Achen or me know so that we can add to the list.

- If anyone is aware of any job vacancy, please let Achen or me know so that we can post it on the notice board or send through email. Someone might be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

- If anyone knows or someone not receiving these email updates and would like to have that person added, please send me the email address.

- Please do not forget to send me any announcements for next Sunday by COB Friday of this week.

Prayer Requests (please check and let me know whether any of the prayer requests should be removed):

Please pray fervently for the following who are in need of our prayers:

All the students and young adults who are working or in school, away from home.

All our families that are travelling; may God grant them travel mercies throughout their journey.

Please continue to pray for Jerry, children, family members and friends who are mourning the loss of Sona

Mrs. Thankamma Thomas (mother of Mrs. Sherly Thomas, Murphy) who is recovering at home

Mr. Cherian Alexander (Frisco), may God touch him and strengthen him

Mr. Samuel Varkey (McKinney) for the continued healing of his foot

Mrs. Mariamma Simon for continued health and strength

All senior members of our parish who are suffering from various illnesses

All those who were laid off and are looking for employment; may God open doors


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