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Special News Updates:

-          Sehion 2013 Retreat

  1. oThank you to the organizers and all those who attended.

  • All the organizers and at least a few who attended made sacrifices.

  • The folks who did most of the work do not hold any position and it shows how we come together as a church when we focus on the important things.

-          September 2013 newsletters.

  1. oCopies will be placed outside the sanctuary next Sunday for those who didn’t receive it today.

-          Church contributions

  1. oAppreciate everyone doing whatever you can to help the trustees meet the church financial commitments.

Updates for this week:

-          Wednesday, Sept 4th Edavaka Mission meeting at church @7:30 PM.

-          Friday, Sept 6th Fasting Prayer at the church @10:00 AM.

-          Friday, September 6th Dallas Area Churches Executive Committee Meeting at the Dallas St. Paul’s Mar Thoma church @7:30 PM.

-          Saturday, Sept 7th English Choir Practice at church @10:30 AM.

-          Saturday, September 7th, Sunday School Regional Competitions at the Dallas Mar Thoma Church, Carrolton @9:00 AM-5:00 PM.

  1. oThe registration fee for the participant will be $10.00, and any accompanying person staying for lunch will need to pay $10 to the hosting church.

-          Saturday, September 7th Combined Allen/Murphy Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Raji David @7:00 PM.

-          Sunday, Sept 8th, Malayalam Class resumes, for those who have registered, at the church in room 6 @right after service.

  1. oPlease contact Mr. John Kochummen for details.

-          Sunday, September 8th Holy Communion Service in Malayalam led by Rev. Saji Thomas achen @10:00 AM (Sevika Sangham to read the lessons).

  1. oSevika Sangham Day.

  2. oSunday School @9:00 AM * Choir Practice @9:00 AM *Intercessory Prayer @9:30 AM.

-          Saturday, September 14th Garland Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. K. A. Abraham (Garland) @7:00 PM.

-          Saturday, September 21st Sunnyvale Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Bibi Thomas @7:00 PM.

-          Saturday, September 21st Garland Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Biju Varnan @7:00 PM.

-          Saturday, September 28th Combined Allen/Murphy Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Samuel Varkey @7:00 PM.

-          Saturday, September 28th Garland Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Sony Simon @7:00 PM.

-          Saturday, Nov 9th, Regional Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam Volleyball Tournament at Oklahoma @1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

  1. oRegistration Fee: $100 per team and only for members of Yuvajana Sakhyam

  2. oDeadline: Decision by Sept 1st on whether our church Yuvajana Skahyam is playing

  • Please contact Jeni Varghese for more details

-          Sevika Sangham House Visits every Monday.

  1. oThose who are interested, please meet at the parsonage at 9.30 AM.

-          Sevika Sangham House Bible Study and Prayer 4th Sunday of every month.

  1. oRight after service at the church.


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