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-          Announcements posted on Website under Announcements also.

Special News Updates:

-          Newest Couple

  1. oWelcome to the newest couple of our church, Saju and Reena Abraham

-          Institution where Rev. Dr. P. G. George achen serves as prinicipal

  1. oI have got a few fliers of the institution run by Rev. Dr. P. G. George Achen in the Delhi area.

  2. oA few are kept outside the sanctuary as well.

  • Appreciate picking up a copy and support in whatever way you can.

-          Harvest Festival Dues

  1. oThanks once again to all those who supported the recently held Harvest Festival.

  2. oAll those who have not yet paid their dues are requested to pay those to the trustees immediately so that they can close the books on it.

-          New school year

  1. oGood Luck to everyone starting new academic years.

-          Sevika Sangham Updates

  1. oGood Luck to everyone starting new academic years.

  2. oSevika sangham day Sept 9th,

  3. oHarvest sale for Sevika Sangham Sept 16th

  4. oOne day retreat at the church on sep 22nd Sat 9.30 am to 12.30 pm,

  5. oDeppi pirive for 2012 collection starting from 1st wk of Sept to end of Sept.

-          Date for General Body to elect 2013 Committee

  1. oGeneral Body meeting to elect the 2013 committee will be Nov 4, 2012

  • All people, especially youngsters and those who have never held office in our church are prayerfully requested to attend and consider taking positions.

  • New ideas and new perspectives are vital in ensuring a vibrant church.

-          2012 Directory

  1. oSecretary was given the responsibility to get the 2012 church directory.

  • All are requested to send any updated details to the secretary

  • Any volunteers who would be available and willing to help are requested to let the secretary know.

-          First Communion planning for December 9, 2012

  1. oSecretary and Vicar will coordinate the details.

  2. oOne of the parents will be requested to take the lead in coordinating.

  • Any parent of the 3 kids who have signed up (Abel Philips, Paul Varnan and Aleena Sajan) is requested to let the secretary know.

Updates for this week:

-          Sunday, Aug 26th, KECF General Body meeting at the St. Ignatious Jacobite Syrian Church, 2707 Dove Creek, Carrollton, TX 75006 @4:00 PM.

  1. oVicars and two members from each parishes are requested to participate

  • Complete notice sent through email

-          Wednesday, Aug 29th Edavaka Mission meeting at the residence of Ms. Dolly Mathew @7:30 PM.

-          Friday, Aug 31st Fasting Prayer at the church @10:00 AM.

-          Saturday, Sept 1st Garland Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. P. C. Mathew @7:00 PM.

-          Sunday, Sept 2nd Holy Communion Service in Malayalam led by Rev. Saji Thomas achen @10:00 AM (Allen area to read the lessons)

  1. oNo Sunday School *Choir Practice @ 9:00 am *Intercessory Prayer @ 9:30 AM.  

-          Saturday, Sept 8th, Regional Yuvajana Sakhyam competitions at Dallas Marthoma church, Carrolton, TX @9:00 AM.

-          Saturday, Sept 8th Garland Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Rajesh Jacob @7:00 PM.

-          Saturday, Sept 8th Sunnyvale Area Prayer Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Babu K. Thomas @7:00 PM.

-          Sunday, Sept 9th Yuvajana Sakhyam Meeting at the residence of Mr. /Mrs. Philip Mathew @2:00 PM.

-          Saturday, Sept 22nd, Choir Fest at the Dallas Farmers Branch MTC @6:30 PM.

-          Sunday, December 9th 2012, First Communion for those who signed up

Class schedule will be informed shortly.



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