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Church Choir
"Musicians are ministers appointed by God and music for worship is not our entertainment. It is an act of worship." I Chronicles 16:4-6.

A choir, chorale or chorus is a musical ensemble of singers. Choral music, in turn, is the music written specifically for such an ensemble to perform. A body of singers who perform together as a group is called a choir or chorus. The former term is very often applied to groups affiliated with a church (whether or not they actually occupy the choir) and the second to groups that perform in theatres or concert halls, but this distinction is far from rigid.

The Sehion sanctuary choir is an effective tool in leading our congregation into the presence of God. As the choir is one of the most visible ministries of the church, its members must give their best. When our choir is strong in its approach to worship, we experience our congregation responding to the call of worship.

Sehion church choir continues to become a catalyst for Praise and Worship and strives to involve all congregants in singing both traditional and contemporary songs. Choir member’s passion for singing is evident by their effort in punctual attendance on Sunday morning rehearsals. Faithfulness and commitment play an important role in our choir success. As in the leadership, we highlight and develop our sanctuary choir in three ways: (1) by having weekly rehearsals on Sunday at 9 am, (2) by actively assisting in all relevant church worship events and special times, (3) by holding choir retreats and Christian fellowship gatherings.

Hectic schedules and limited time often diminish the choir’s ability simply to get to know each other. That being said, we plan this year to have choir family picnic along with icebreaker activities and games needed to allow the choir time to relax together. Together we will seek God’s strength and guidance so that we may sing His praise. In Scripture, God called His people to love and worship Him (Exodus 7:16). “Each one, as a good manager of God’s different gifts, must use for the good of others the special gift he has received from God (1st Peter 4:10). The deepest spiritual needs of people can be reached through music and the ministry of choir. What a privilege He has granted us.

2014 Office Bearers
Name Title Contact No
Mrs. Molly Varghese Choir Leader
Mr. Matt Jacob Asst. Choir Leader
Mr. Jeni Varghese Secretary & Committee Member
Mr. Thomas Varghese Treasurer
Mr. Mohan Zachariah Auditor

2013 Sehion Choir Annual Report     Choir Annual Report




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